What is GU360?

GU360 is a Georgetown-branded, scalable technology interface that will add greater flexibility to the way Georgetown Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni, communicate and interact with one another on a daily basis.

Among the unique features it provides is a dynamic technological framework capable of managing the key data, relationships and touchpoints accrued throughout the entire Hoya experience, whether one is a prospective student or donor. Likewise, due to its emergent Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) technologies, GU360 will also support a wide range of Faculty-driven activities including peer-to-peer searches and improved collaboration opportunities.

Built from the outset with end-users in mind, a project of this magnitude could only have been made possible via input and collaboration across the University. The Executive Sponsors for GU360 are R. Bartley Moore, VP for Advancement, Judd Nicholson, VP and Chief Information Officer and Pat Cloonan, Dean of NHS at Georgetown. Accordingly, the Office of Advancement and UIS are actively partnering with key stakeholders from across the University in fostering GU360’s university-wide integration.