Last updated: 6/15/2017

Communication from UIS

Email from Judd Nicholson, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO
Date sent to all faculty: 5/11/17

Dear Faculty Members:

Since last summer we have been working with approximately 50 of your colleagues in gathering inputs, pain points, and conducting testing of a replacement for Explore. This new service, known as GUFaculty360, is designed to be an easy to use, easy to navigate, self-service faculty information system that will improve collaboration, information sharing, and research opportunities. We write to share details about what GUFaculty360 has to offer and how we will close down Explore at the end of this month and make the transition to GUFaculty360 this summer.

GUFaculty360 will feature a private “dashboard” to allow you to build links to your current Georgetown systems without having to log in to multiple applications, and to communicate securely with your students and advisees. It will allow the option to share more information about your research, laboratories, activities, awards, grants, mentoring and other co-curricular activities, as well as information about you “in the news.”  You will also have the option to select what information is displayed publicly, only within Georgetown, or only privately.

We will be launching Phase I of GUFaculty360 publicly in September of 2017. In order to meet this schedule, Explore will no longer be available for editing after May 31, 2017. All information that is in Explore as of that date will be converted into GUFaculty360 for the new, publicly available GU Faculty Directory as of September 2017. Your information as it exists in Explore on May 31, will be moved into GUFaculty360 for you. In June, we will open the new system for all faculty to review and edit their profiles before the system goes public in September 2017.  Explore will remain live, in a read only site, until GUFaculty360 is launched.

You will also be able to “opt in” to create expanded profiles over the summer prior to public launch. If you would like assistance with adding materials to your profile, we will be happy to assist.  We will, if requested, upload your latest CV, your photo, expertise, interests, publications, laboratory information, service activities, etc.

Over the summer we will be developing and testing an option to download your information into the Main Campus and Medical Center annual merit report format, as well as a generic CV format that will be editable. These CVs and forms can be downloaded, edited and printed allowing for GUFaculty360 to be your primary CV repository.   If you are interested in testing this feature, would like assistance with updating your profile or have questions about GUFaculty360, please contact Linda Buckley at

If you have a delegate(s) who currently maintains your profile in Explore, we will be requesting your approval to continue to allow this person(s) access to update your information prior to system launch.


Judd Nicholson
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

GUFaculty360 Workshop

This workshop was conducted with 3 parts:

  • Linda Buckley, AVP, Administrative Applications, from UIS presented and demoed GUFaculty360, Georgetown’s new faculty portal which will replace Explore later this year.
  • Carole Sargent, Director of Office of Scholarly Publications, presented on Promoting Yourself and Your Research to the World.
  • Meg Oakley, Director, Copyright & Scholarly Communication, Georgetown University Library, followed with highlights on how you can use GUFaculty360 to extend the reach your research and scholarship.

Topics include: using the portal to promote yourself as a scholar; negotiating publication contracts; open access publishing; and submitting works to our institutional repository.

Project Roadmap

Date posted: 5/1/17

GUFaculty360 Roadmap

Project Timeline update

Date posted: 2/18/17

Faculty portal update