As an ambitious and comprehensive initiative designed to implement an enterprise-wide CRM solution at Georgetown--the first of its kind at a Higher Education institution--GU360 has benefitted greatly from the leadership of its Executive and Project sponsors.  In tandem, the project has also been supported by a variety of technical, functional, and subject-matter experts, who, together, comprise the following team structure:

  • The Advancement Modernization and Phase I teams serve as subject-matter experts (SMEs) to communicate requirements for the new CRM system
  • The UIS team consists of:
    • Project Managers: Oversee all aspects of the project to ensure 'on-time, on-track and on-target' delivery
    • Business Analysts: Gather requirements from Faculty, schools and departments, while acting as a bridge between technical (and non-technical) project areas
    • Technical Team: Develops the actual CRM framework according to specified requirements
    • Change Management Team: Performs training surrounding the new product, while facilitating a seamless transition between past/future operating environments  
  • In support of GU360, Georgetown has also partnered with several top tier professional consultants: Appirio - a global strategic Salesforce partner - will help guide our overall work. Affinaquest--the premier Advancement solution--will provide support for our Advancement Modernization project - both, of which, will be powered by Salesforce.

Who We Are

  Executive Committee

The Executuve Committee provides key guidance on strategic project recommendations


  Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee shares ultimate accountability for project governance & timelines


  Project Core Team

The Project Core Team maintains responsibility for issue and opportunity oversight, along with, the drive towards successful product resolution


  Extended Team

The Extended Team consists of subject- matter experts who provide critical input regarding decision-making, as well as, feedback/guidance concerning key topics