Implementing an enterprise-wide CRM involves many steps. Some of these steps include (not in any particular order): identifying stakeholder teams, building the UIS CRM technical team, identifying implementation partners, negotiating contracts, consensus building across a variety of stakeholders, identifying the vision within the overall umbrella of GU360 goals, and finally, rolling up our sleeves and building the platform.

We will begin laying the foundation for a University-wide CRM application by replacing GAMBIT and other Advancement-related applications with CRM capabilities (Affinaquest has been designated as the core of our Advancement solution). Part of this CRM includes replacing Explore with a new easy to use Faculty Community, GUFaculty360, and a Student Community, Hoya360, which will be available to all students in the University. 

To develop this new University-wide CRM, we have adopted a modified agile iterative approach so that over time we will improve and add functionality. In Phase I, we will implement fundamental CRM functionality based on requirements gathered by the School of Nursing & Health Studies from a variety of stakeholders across the University as the foundation for Hoya360. In future phases, we will extend Hoya360's capabilities based on additional recommendations for functionality and expanded stakeholder involvement, so that we may better manage relationships between Georgetown's students, faculty and academic staff.