GU360 officially launched on May 17, 2016. Since then, the project’s Core Sponsors, Leads and Team members have integrated their skills with subject-matter experts (and implementation partners) towards building out the three individual work streams which define GU360.

GU360 workstream overview

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Each is impacted by three key objectives that earmark our mission:

  • Fully-modernizing GU’s existing Advancement capabilities
  • Replacing GU’s outdated Faculty information management systems (i.e., Explore)
  • Launching a GU branded student portal

Our journey began with the project working groups (accompanied by our implementation partners---Appirio, Salesforce and Affinaquest) completing in-depth Strategy, Define and Design sessions.

The Strategy sessions were critical in specifying GU360’s overall agenda, while the Define and Design sessions enabled our subject-matter experts/core project teams to develop wireframes that will comprise the technical foundation for GU360---which our Faculty, Staff and Student constituents will enjoy----once the build-out is complete.

As these initial sessions neared completion (during the Summer of 2016), key working groups set out to finalize the actual project scope. Essentially, this stakeholder-driven process helped differentiate which components might be included as part of our Summer (2017) "Go Live" release, or those that need to be incorporated within future GU360 iterations. More than anything, decision-making regarding our product scope provided a solid roadmap towards distinguishing the technical build necessary to support GU360's underpinnings.

With the start of the New Year, GU360’s Core Teams are maintaining this focus, led by close oversight from the Project Steering and Executive Committees, as well as, our Project Sponsors. Current priorities include the launch of a comprehensive communications strategy, testing scenario development and training date scheduling.

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What follows is a visual representation of the work described above, by workstream:


  • Town Hall presentation
    Town Hall Presentation

    During the May 1 Town Hall, GU360 Executive and Project Sponsors presented on progress with the project a year after launch, future project visions, and fielded questions from the audience.

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    Project Launch Day Videos