From a broad project standpoint, GU360 is currently focused on three primary goals: the first involves our Advancement modernization strategy;  the second is the development of Hoya360, a modern portal for student information (where SNHS has led a discussion amongst many University stakeholders to determine the foundational functionality that we will deliver to students, faculty and administrators); the third features initiatives that will provide a modern, intuitive, and comprehensive portal designed to better showcase/assist Faculty members.

Project Overall Timeline

Stage 1  

May thru August (2016)

  • Vision, Roadmap, Define and Design
  • Begin Advancement implementation

Stage 2  

September (2016) thru June (2017)

  • Hoya360 implementation
  • Faculty implementation
  • Advancement implementation continues
  • Development complete; sign off

Stage 3

July thru December (2017)

  • Deployment and production support

Project Milestones

Project management for an endeavor of this scope--and scale--remains an iterative process; in this particular case, we began at a very high level (visioning) and continue to work our way through the details (actual platform building).

  • Project kick-off: May 17, 2016
  • Advancement Requirements Sessions: June 30 to August 25 (2016)
  • Non-Advancement Requirements Sessions: July 27 to August 17 (2016)
  • Working Sessions With Stakeholders (Ongoing):                

      Weekly project steering meetings

      Student Affairs Committee meetings

      Student information stakeholders meetings

  • Advancement "Go Live": Fall, 2017
  • GUFaculty360 now live! July 10, 2017